Golden Klimt

The Beethoven frieze by Gustav Klimt (on display in the Secession Building in Vienna) is a high point of the Viennese Art Nouveau scene. The mural is dripping with erotic symbolism and beautifully gilded characters. The semi-nude women and fierce warriors stand side by side in a world that feels like the lavish set of a dramatic opera. The work has a linear narrative and illustrates the “human desire for happiness in a suffering and tempestuous world in which one contends not only with external evil forces but also with internal weaknesses.”

BeethovenFrieze-1902-GustaveKlimt For the 2015 edition of Life Ball (an annual AIDS charity event) Austrian photographer Inge Prader has recreated this iconic work by Klimt into a gorgeous series of golden hued photographs. With the use of models, elaborate costumes and incredible art design, the work is reinvented in astonishing detail.
BeethovenFrieze-1902-Inge-PraderBeethoven-Frieze-Klimt-Inge-PraderBeethoven-Frieze-Klimt-Inge-PraderBeethovenFrieze-1902-Inge-PraderBeethovenFrieze-1902-Inge-PraderPrader also recreated another famous pieces by Klimt, such as Life and Death, Medicine and Danaë.death-and-life-by-gustave-klimtdeath-and-life-inge-praderInge-Prader-Klimt-detailInge-Prader-Klimt Inge-Prader-Klimt

All images © Life Ball / Inge Prader