Interesting Lady: Anna May Wong

Starting out as an extra in the early days of silent cinema Anna May Wong (Los Angeles, 1906) was one of the first Chinese-American actresses on the silver screen. She managed to land several roles but was often cast as the stereotypical Dragon Lady. Disillusioned about the discrimination she encountered she moved to Europe in 1928. Here she became a sensation and worked with the likes of Marlene Dietrich and Leni Riefenstahl.
interesting-ladies-anna-may-wong-marlene-dietrichDuring the 1930s, she traveled between America and Europe and became increasingly political. Her statements about the Japanese occupation of Manchuria and the continuing racist portrayal of Chinese in mainstream cinema made her working life difficult at times. She died in 1961.

Anna May Wong as the mesmerizing Shosho in the silent film Piccadilly (1929).
Music: Temptation by Martin Denny.
Anna May Wong Silver screen actress Interesting ladyAnna May Wong-_daughter_of_the_dragon_01 Anna May Wonginteresting-lady-anna-may-wong4Anna May Wong Silver screen actress Interesting lady