Koka’s Musical Contraptions

Koka’s beat machines are purely mechanical musical instruments, which are manually programmable and produce different kinds of rhythmic and melodic patterns.

Norway-based, Georgian-born Koka Nikoladze is a composer and violinist with a knack for programming and technological development. This explains how he can create wonderful, musical instruments that produce a delightful range of beats and sound effects. His mechanisms are often constructed of wood and other ordinary objects, like spoons.


KN: The will of creating is one of the most dominant human instincts, composes music and invents things all the time.

Besides building these beautiful intricate objects, he lectures on composition and computer music, conducts Ph.D. research (on the question: how to hack performers), collaborates with international artists and puts up installations and performs. I wonder if he ever sleeps?

Want to see and hear more? Check Nikoladze on vimeo.com

(via: booooooom.com)