Interesting Lady: Designer / Muse

It was a long lasting affair between Emilie Louise Flöge (1874 – 1952) and symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. They met in the Viennese bohemian circles during the late 1890’s when Klimt became guardian of her sister (who had been married to his brother Ernst). A fashion designer and business woman in her own right, she started her own salon. Though the designs were too unconventional for her contemporaries, many costumes can be seen in Klimt’s paintings. Emilie-Floge-designer-Muse-interesting-Lady Emilie-Floge-designer-Muse-interesting-LadyEmilie-Floge-designer-Muse-interesting-LadyWhether they were actually lovers remains unclear, but some experts argue the painting The Kiss depicts them together.Flöge-The_Kiss-Gustav_KlimtEmilie-Floge-designer-Muse-interesting-Lady Emilie-Floge-designer-Muse-interesting-LadyEmilie-Floge-designer-Muse-interesting-Lady

Juicy detail: Klimt is said to have fathered fourteen children out of wedlock.