Urban Cowboyz

The photo series Southern Riderz by Akasha Rabut depicts some fascinating characters. Who knew there were cowboys roaming the streets of New Orleans on horseback? It took a while for Rabut to work up her courage and approach these men riding their horses through town.

Akasha-Rabut-Urban-CowboysBut after meeting some members of The Game Changerz equestrian group, she was invited to the stables and started taking pictures. The result is this amazing series where the riders proudly stand in front of the lens, accompanied by their magnificent horses. These urban cowboyz are even cooler than the stereotypical cowboys we know from classic westerns.
Akasha-Rabut-Urban-CowboyzAkasha-Rabut-Urban-Cowboyz Akasha-Rabut-Urban-CowboyzAkasha-Rabut-Urban-Cowboyz Akasha-Rabut-Urban-Cowboyz Akasha-Rabut-Urban-CowboyzAkasha-Rabut-Urban-Cowboyz Akasha-Rabut-Urban-Cowboyz Akasha-Rabut-Urban-Cowboyz

Look at some indians to complement these cowboys.

All images © Akasha Rabut

(via: thisworks)