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By the time André Roussimoff aka André the Giant (1946 – 1993) was twelve years old he stood 191 cm tall and weighed 94 kilos. Raised on a farm he could do the work of three men. At 17 his wrestling potential was recognized by a Canadian promoter. During the day he worked as a mover to pay for his expenses, at night he kicked ass as the Géant Ferré. 

andre the giantgiantandre the giantIn the 1970’s he came to America to become a World Wide Wrestler. His fights against Hulk Hogan were legendary. He also starred in several films, including The Princess Bride and Conan. It is said he once drank 41 liters beer in one sitting.andre the giant andre the giantandre the giant andre the giant andre the giantandre-the-giant-wilt-chamberlain-arnold-schwarzenegger

Interesting little fact: As a young boy André was driven to school by neighbor and Nobel prize winning author Samual Beckett

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