Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Charles Bukowski quotations in the hands of Brazilian artist / graphic-designer Butcher Billy.

Charles-Bukowski-pop-art-quotes-Billy-ButcherBilly explains: “Legend has it Butcher Billy once sat in a bar with Charles Bukowski and Roy Lichtenstein. This unusual and totally awesome cosmic gathering defied the time space continuum and almost destroyed the entire universe. That plus a huge hangover in the next day. But the result is a series that clashes two dimensions ruled by distinct evil geniuses overlords and strangely gives birth to an all new, all dangerous zone – a land of deeply troubled thoughts portrayed in bold strokes and bright colors.”Charles-Bukowski-pop-art-quotes-Billy-ButcherCharles-Bukowski-pop-art-quotes-Billy-Butcher Charles-Bukowski-pop-art-quotes-Billy-ButcherCharles-Bukowski-pop-art-quotes-Billy-ButcherCharles-Bukowski-pop-art-quotes-Billy-Butcher Charles-Bukowski-pop-art-quotes-Billy-Butcher
Art © Butcher Billy, words by Charles Bukowski.

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