Miniature Magic

Mexican photographer, digital artist, and graphic designer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is still in touch with his inner-child. He is a master at creating magical photographs using miniature toys, but you have to look very closely to see what he is actually doing.
MIniature-Magic-Felix-Photography3Thanks to his behind-the-scenes photos we get to see some of the tricks he uses to create his pictures. Icing sugar, cigarette smoke, scale models are photographed with a macro lens in order to capture all the details. And by using a technique where multiple photos are combined he creates a wider focus. He later uses Photoshop to bring it all together. MIniature-Magic-Felix-Photography3MIniature-Magic-Felix-Photography3HR: Scale is one of the most important aspects of my photography. If what you want is to give the sense of “realism” to your scaled models (toys), you will generally need to get close with your camera. MIniature-Magic-Felix-Photography3MIniature-Magic-Felix-Photography3Want know more about how he does it? Watch: The Love Car | The Making Of from Retouching Academy.

All images © Felix Hernandez Rodriguez
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