Flore Gardner, Rain, embroidery


Flore Gardner, half French, half Scottish, divides her time between the two countries:

“Reflecting my own nomadism between two countries and two languages, two ways of seeing and thinking, I explore “In-between-ness” as a link between thought and artistic practice. My research consists in the investigation of different forms of in-between-ness (Nonsense, paradox and infra-thin, Melancholy). I use contradictory/complementary art forms (sculpture-action, drawing-writing, photography-sewing…) where the line (be it 2D or 3D) becomes primordial as both a separating and a connecting element. My current research, entitled “Drawing=Thinking”, considers drawing as an in-between form, between idea and execution, it is at once a fundamental and peripheral practice and a language of its own.”



Image © Flore Gardner

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