Bogart Bogie Bacall lightTo Have and Have Not MMiH

Match Made in Heaven*

How seductively sultry she looks as she lights up and smokes in this classic film noir scene. Humphrey Bogart gives Lauren Bacall a light in the film To Have and Have Not (1944). It was Bacall’s movie debut and some time during shooting a spark must have ignited. A year later the Bacall and Bogie were married and stayed until his death in 1957. Afterwards they made several films together, including The Big Sleep and Key Largo.Bogart Bacall lightTo Have and Have Not MMiH

*MMiH is an ongoing series that features people that simply belong together. In an instant, their magical moment is immortalized. Just looking at them makes you wish you were there. See more great photographs on my Match Made in Heaven Pinterest board.


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